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Remediation Planning and Design


The Commonwealth-owned Industrial Waste Collection (IWC) facility is a former solid and liquid waste landfill in southwest Sydney. In the early 1970s the IWC facility acted as the only liquid waste disposal facility in the Sydney region. The landfill ceased operations in the early 1980s. 

Nation Partners was engaged by the Commonwealth Department of Finance to undertake baseline environmental monitoring and to review the proposed remediation strategy for the site, including identifying project delivery risks and mitigation measures. Following detailed review of contamination and groundwater data for the site, our team identified an alternative remediation strategy. The alternative strategy moved away from traditional dig-and-dump remediation methods to a less intrusive and more sustainable strategy in line with best practice sustainability principles. 

The remediation strategy involves a combination of techniques developed to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, prevention of contaminant migration, and treatment of contaminants using naturally occurring processes that are already occurring at the site. The strategy will mitigate significant human health and environmental risks, incur substantially less capital and operating costs, and require a much smaller environmental footprint. 

Nation Partners has undertaken pilot-scale remediation trials in collaboration with leading academic and industry research organisations to test and validate the proposed strategy. These works have facilitated development of a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) and Remediation Monitoring Program for the site, in accordance with the National Environmental Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure 1999. In the course of developing the remediation strategy and RAP, Nation Partners has also assisted Finance in the engagement and liaison with key stakeholders, including neighbouring landowners, local and state government, the local Aboriginal land council, and community organisations. 


Client challenge + benefit delivered


A key challenge for the adoption of an in situ remedial strategy is to demonstrate value, benefits and reduced risks in comparison to more traditional remediation techniques. 

Our teams technical knowledge and hand-on experience using a variety of physical, chemical and biological remediation techniques provides a solid basis and understanding of the benefits and risks involved. Our appreciation allows us to communicate complex technical requirements in easy-to-understand language. 



The site location and extent of remediation activities has required extensive engagement with various stakeholders, ranging from local organisations to all levels of government. 

Nation Partners continues to support the Commonwealth in engagement and liaison with key stakeholders to ensure transparency and communication, building strong relationships and solid foundations for communicating and managing concerns during project delivery. 


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Commonwealth Department of Finance

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