About us


We exist to work with like-minded clients to influence a better and more sustainable future for society and the planet

We have always been curious to find better ways to deliver projects. We love the work we do and genuinely care about the outcomes we achieve. It takes courage to pioneer new thinking and leading capabilities to understand the problem and provide clarity on the solution.



We value sustainable outcomes over everything else. Relationships are the mechanism that allows us to do great work.



We provoke the thinking of the ambitious people we partner with, who are trying to make real and lasting change.



We’re driven by outcomes, and use data and robust analysis to reveal the issue and set direction.



Our story

We wanted to create a business that was Purpose Driven and had a strong environmental and social conscience. As a profit with purpose business, we knew that we would attract certain types of people that shared a vision of doing more than just growing a consulting business. “Leading the change to a better way of doing business” was our mantra for many years, and as we have evolved, we have defined what this looks like. Distributed leadership, self-management, capability building and a reward and progression system that transparently sees us all share in the business’ success.

Being employee owned has always been an important part of the plan. Having control over our destiny is important and creates a model where all staff can be business owners. This ensures we can direct our collective energy (and profits) towards solving some of the planet’s most challenging problems.


Our people

We attract the brightest minds and make a significant investment in developing and nurturing our people to ensure they live their best life and can deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. Our curious nature allows us to better understand problems and apply our skills to solving some of the toughest challenges facing society and the planet.


BCorp – a force for good

We have been a B Corporation since the very start. Using business as a force for good just makes sense. For the last 4 years we have been ranked in the top 10% of B Corps globally for what we do to support our workers and provide a positive, flexible and transparent workplace. As a profit with purpose business, we have donated more than $100,000 to environmental and social challenges facing society and the planet. Our climate change strategy and giving framework looks to integrate our volunteering, pro bono and workplace giving and we are constantly looking at how we can make an even greater positive impact.

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