About us

You won’t be able to make a catchy acronym out of our values

We attract the very best people and we want them to love what they do. We offer a positive work culture that keeps us engaged and inspired to be our best. 

Our values are:

  • Safety, health and wellbeing is at our core
  • Life, family and work integration underpins our success
  • We develop the brightest minds to solve complex problems and to achieve the best outcomes for our clients – we learn, coach and mentor and always look to improve ourselves
  • We have a greater purpose and see the bigger picture – we will lead the change to a better way of doing business – better for employees, communities and the environment 


We aspire to more than just having a successful business

Our vision is to be more than a consulting firm and deliver projects – we will take an active part in shaping the world and delivering better outcomes for the communities and places in which we work. Our goal is to inspire others and lead the shift to a better way of doing business.

We’re a B Corp – we want to be the best for the world

Being the change for good just makes sense. In line with our vision to do more than just build a successful consulting firm and deliver projects, we have achieved certification with B Corporation. ‘Be the change you want to see for the world’ is a philosophy that has always resonated with us. We have shaped our business around the B Corp principles and are committed to directing 4% of all profits to social investment initiatives and to providing benefits to staff that improve their lives. B Corporations are better companies – better for workers, better for communities and better for the environment.

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