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The Australian Government owns several parcels of land (4,750 hectares) at Cox Peninsula in the Northern Territory (NT) that have been the subject of a long-standing Indigenous land claim by the Kenbi Aboriginal people. The land has been used for a variety of maritime, communications and defence purposes for over 70 years, resulting in redundant facilities and infrastructure as well as contamination of some areas. 

The Department of Finance, on behalf of the Australian Government, is managing the removal of all facilities, infrastructure and the remediation of the land to facilitate the land’s return under the claim. As part of an agreement between the Australian Government, NT Government and the Northern Land Council (NLC), the land will be progressively remediated and transferred in accordance with the terms of the claim. 

The project has paved the way for the resolution of the Kenbi Land Claim which was settled in June 2016 with a ceremony on Cox Peninsula attended by the Prime Minister of Australia. 

Nation Partners was appointed in January 2014 as the technical advisor to the Commonwealth and for more than two years, we have played an important role in guiding the project. Our team has provided stakeholder engagement, risk management, contaminated land technical advisory, environment audit, social development planning and procurement support services to the project.

The project has established aspirational targets to provide unprecedented Indigenous employment and training opportunities and our team has led the consultation with the Traditional Owners and local Indigenous groups. The project has been successful in gaining high levels of Indigenous participation and in providing important opportunities to develop new skills through training programs.


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The remediation project is geographically spread, involves various remediation techniques, is remote and required a high level of support from the local Indigenous community.

Nation Partners has a strong appreciation of the technical and project elements and has provided the Commonwealth with advice to address the broad suite of project risks and issues.




The need for stakeholder endorsement of the project has been critical from the early stages of initial business case development through to the final stages of the remediation project.

Nation Partners has led stakeholder engagement activities and built strong relationships with key stakeholder groups to ensure the project is delivered in a way that aligns with stakeholder expectations.


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“Your ability to effectively lead and facilitate, particularly with respect to explaining the project’s Indigenous participation requirements to the Traditional Owners, was commendable. It was very clear from the outset that the audiences felt comfortable in your presence.” 

Director – Remediation Team | Project Manager – Remediation Team


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