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Stakeholder and engagement strategy development and implementation 


Nation Partners has played a key role in developing and delivering the stakeholder and engagement strategy for the $5.5 billion West Gate Tunnel project.  We designed and delivered a comprehensive community engagement, communications, stakeholder, online and media strategy which was instrumental in attracting government support for Transurban’s proposal and generated significant positive feedback on announcement.

Embedded in Transurban’s multidisciplinary project team, we have supported three major phases of engagement which have included discussions with over 2,000 people through more than 30 community events, engagement through an interactive online platform and reporting which demonstrates how feedback is influencing the development of the project.

We have facilitated numerous community and stakeholder sessions that have been pivotal to the success of the engagement process. As Nation Partners’ Project Director, Jenni Forrester has worked with senior client executives and advised on design of the planning and engagement approach to be delivered through a partnership of Transurban and the Victorian Government.


Client challenge + benefit delivered



As a new project not previously tested in the public arena, a key challenge in the early phase of the West Gate Tunnel project was building stakeholder and community understanding of the need for the project and its benefits.

We designed a five-phase stakeholder and community engagement process aligned with key project and planning approval milestones. This carefully planned approach has helped the project team work directly with local communities to understand their views, and given people time to develop their understanding of the project and provide input on the issues that matter to them.




In planning a major road project aimed at addressing long-standing truck impacts and growth pressures, the West Gate Tunnel project team has continually developed and tested design options to help balance the project’s broader aims with the needs of local of communities.

The project team has continued to adapt the community engagement approach to enable community input at each stage of the project’s development and ensure that feedback is actively considered in project refinements.




The West Gate Tunnel team is developing the project’s Environment Effects Statement (EES) in parallel with a competitive procurement process. A first for a Victorian road project, this approach enables the impacts of the expected design to be thoroughly assessed and scrutinised by communities and an independent planning panel, but brings a range of communications challenges as tender evaluation and impact assessment processes occur in parallel and under strict probity requirements. 

As part of the Transurban project team, we have worked closely with the Western Distributor Authority to ensure that residents and community groups continue to get the information they need, while assisting the planning approval and tender evaluation teams as they deliver their complex program of work. 


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