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Nation Partners initially delivered New Policy Proposals (NPP) (short-form Business Cases) for three major D0I-Lands initiatives, one of which was for the Eden breakwater wharf extension project located in the Port of Eden, NSW.  During development of the NPP, our team performed extensive collaboration with internal stakeholders, reviewed information, data and cost estimates, and prepared the NPPs in accordance with NSW Treasury Guidelines.

Following delivery of the NPP, DoI-Lands commissioned Nation Partners to deliver the Final Business Case and Risk Management Plan for the Eden breakwater wharf extension project. The project required close consultation with stakeholders, independent review of the Cost Benefit Analysis, extensive document reviews and interpretation of the data and information contained therein, and development of a final business case for NSW Treasury in accordance with NSW Treasury Guidelines. 

Nation Partners collaborated closely with the client at all stages of development to ensure shared ownership of the process and development of a Final Business Case document, which received positive internal NSW Government and third party reviews and assisted with securing an additional $29m of funding for the project. 


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A large volume of technical documentation was available to support the development of the business case, the preparation of which was required within a compressed timeframe.

Nation Partners undertook detailed reviews of documents against the needs of the Treasury Business Case Guidelines to selectively draw out key information and present a robust business case within a tight schedule. 




A key challenge related to capturing input from various stakeholders to develop the NPPs in the first instance and then further consider and build upon this in developing the final business case.

Nation Partners managed all inputs from key stakeholders, captured the outcomes of critical decisions, applied strict version control on documents, and provided transparency in relation to areas where further information needed to be generated by DoI. 


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NSW Department of Industry – Lands (DoI – Lands)

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Our client provided feedback that they were highly satisfied with the work performed by Nation Partners.


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